Last week I posed a Facebook Live video asking the question: What did you want to know as a new Bible journaler – or for those who haven’t started, what are you afraid of?

Most people ask me what Bible to get, what mediums bleed, what kind of page prep, how you get ideas, how you get past the fear of [innumerable things]. When I started i asked the same questions. I was so worried about the “how” that I mostly ignored the real question: What IS Bible journaling? Why do I want to engage in it?

As an experienced journaler, I now know that the “art” part is irrelevant if we get the “heart” part wrong. If our focus is on what we create and how we do it, we’re missing the real blessing to be found in Bible Journaling: a deeper relationship with Christ. If we don’t spend time with the Lord, then whether paints bleed or not won’t have the slightest effect on our lives. Depending on whether we found the technical answer to our questions, we’ll have a messy or clean Bible – but without being one step closer to Jesus – what good will that do?

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world,
yet forfeit their soul?  
Matthew 16:26

That’s what I wish someone had said to me. Stop stressing over mediums and techniques, and focus more on Jesus. The rest will come with time; not all answers are needed at once nor are they all needed before starting.

All that being said – I *will* be tackling some of the questions asked by the newbies in our Facebook Group on my weekly YouTube videos- starting out first with what I think is most urgent for people to hear, below. I’ll address many of the others over time, as I know those are what those who desire to start Bible journaling are searching for – but I pray that I can help direct more people closer to Jesus than to a brand of paints. 🙂