My days are caught up in really average goings-on: daily to-do’s and chores, running a business and all that it entails, ministry tasks at church, picking up the shreds of a full-size watercolor painting one of my dogs ate. (Yes that actually happened yesterday!) It’s all too easy to stare at the mundane, or even the frustrating, and lose sight of all the good things.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

How dare I overlook all the good and perfect gifts sitting right in my lap! God is so generous to me, yet I navel gaze. I stare at the shreds of paper on the floor and lose my mind. I see the to-do list and panic about getting it done. I moan over bills, relationships, and so much more.

I’ve decided to jump into November and renew my heart of gratitude. And I hope others will join me, too! I’ve made a list of prompts, some of which might not normally be on a gratitude list. But I did so to challenge myself to see God’s hand in places I don’t typically notice. When was I last grateful to God for surprising me? Have I thanked Him for the teamwork that makes my world go round? Do I express my gratitude for a bowl of chicken soup comfort?

I invite you to join in if this resonates with you. If you’re feeling the tug to look deeper into what God is doing in your life. Each day, post something on the prompt (or whatever God prompts you to be grateful for!) and use #bethankfulfor in the caption – and check what others using the hashtag are sharing, too. Tell your story in the caption. Give God the glory! You can post Bible journaling pages, a sketch, a photo, a scrapbook page, a bit of practice typography or calligraphy. Anything that expresses your gratitude! And if you miss a day or two, get back on the wagon anytime.

I’ll be sharing my own gratitude daily on my social media, and hope to see you out there sharing your posts too!

PS The Bible journaling page above was created in this tutorial video:

And for anyone who needs the list in live text…here you go:

  1. memories
  2. food
  3. senses
  4. home
  5. love
  6. dreams
  7. inspiration
  8. emotions
  9. comfort
  10. second chances
  11. animals
  12. good news
  13. surprises
  14. warmth
  15. growth
  16. water
  17. laughter
  18. nature
  19. generosity
  20. relaxation
  21. hope
  22. passion
  23. teamwork
  24. books
  25. seasons
  26. strength
  27. colors
  28. diversity
  29. tradition
  30. forgiveness