She Said, He Said: Bible Study Videos

Each week’s lesson materials are gathered here for review by students, and for learning by those who weren’t able to join us! Lessons are in reverse order, with the most recent at the top.

Week 5

Creative technique:

Public video from this past weekend:

Week 4

Video-only lesson for March 25 and 26…

Our creative watercolor background for this week:

The public lesson – this one is the thank-you journal version for my subscribers showing last week’s swirly technique.

Week 3

Our first video-only lesson for March 18 and 19:

Our creative watercolor background for this week:

The public lesson – this one is the thank-you journal version for my subscribers.

Bible Study Booklet

If you come to class you’ll get a copy included in $5 class fee:

Week 2

Audio from Wednesday March 11 (Thursday March 12 is canceled.)

The pictures below are from the powerpoint; the first is my version of the eagle I saw; note that one thing I forgot to mention: I never saw that man again. No one else saw him! I sit in the balcony hoping my angel will show up again sometime. 🙂

This is MY version of a sheep page, completed at the end of my long fast from looking at the Bible journaling work of others:

A super easy artsy watercolor technique!

Public video on YouTube:

Week 1

Audio from daytime class Wednesday March 4 (it’s a little tinny, but I think it’s ok!):

Audio from evening class Wednesday March 5 came out as a giant file I couldn’t upload here – see if this link works for you!


In class you received paper and paints – a brush is all that’s left! You can borrow a brush from your children or grand kids….or pick up a brush inexpensively. I found these Aqua brushes at Hobby Lobby – 3 for $5!! I couldn’t find the “Masters Touch” brushes in their Online store, but they had the round #12 round for $7.59, and the round #22 for $17.99, both of which I got with a 50% off coupon. (Download the HL app and you can use that!) I will ALSO have brushes available for use before and after class if you’d like to do the painting there; you can do any drawing or journaling at home, and just add the paint when at NWC.

I used 1/2″ masking tape (just regular old tan masking tape!) – you can use that or just paint to the edges of the page – or just draw a line with a pencil, then paint up to the line.

JOURNAL: Remember it’s not about the fanciness of the art; it’s about what God has spoken to YOU! You can journal about a verse in our time together, a verse from the homework, or something else God has spoken to you during the week. Please consider sharing that in fellowship time with your group next week!

Video shown during class:

Public video on YouTube: