In a video on my main YouTube channel (which focuses more on crafty videos), I did include a small peek at the tulips page in the Workbook; since the Workbook should be arriving in mailboxes starting tomorrow, I thought it’d be good to share here! Hopefully clicking on the video below will advance you just to that portion of the video (at 10:30 or so):

PS on Book Promotion

I don’t know if I’ve actually mentioned this or not but…I’m not promoting these books in order to get royalties. I know some folks think you get rich writing books (and ask any author, that usually doesn’t happen unless your name is Stephen King!)….but I know the reality. Lots of authors out there keep their day jobs!

I’ve committed to God that I don’t need income from the book. For me, the work that went into these books is an act of love and devotion, and it’s a ministry to help other Christians deepen their faith. Even events and other promotional work is being done without profit beyond basic expenses like travel – I’ll even be donating a big chunk of any royalty checks to charity. I’ve seen lots of folks get tripped up becoming reliant on income from ministry products they sell, and while I don’t begrudge anyone an income, I want to keep my motives clear of profit motives.

However – I DO keep talking about the books because I really believe they’ll be helpful! If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be jumping around waving my hands in the air, asking people to look at the book site.  There’s great resources over there, including links to get the books, galleries of samples and sketches, videos, etc – and I have SO appreciated everyone who’s been sending the link out to their friends, churches, and ministry groups, sharing reviews on websites after purchasing the books, and sending me pics of themselves with DA BOOKS!

Signed books now available

The signed books are available! The only online place you can get them is at my friend Ellen Hutson’s store – I’m so glad she is carrying them! I signed them all last night, and will be delivering them first thing this morning (Thursday) – order quick, there’s not a ton til we see what the demand is for my John Hancock. And no, I didn’t sign it from John. haha! Links:

FYI the books do make great Christmas gifts. Add a pack of colored pencils or a little watercolor set and make a fellow believer’s morning on December 25th!