Creative worship does more for your spiritual life than you might think at first…we all know the fun we have while creating. And the fact that this adventure gets us reading more scripture is good, right? Of course! But I’ve been thinking about other ways my walk with Jesus has changed through Bible Journaling.

Bible journaling slows me down. When I’m reading the Word quickly, it’s hard for it to sink deeply into my heart. But when I read with the intention to seek the Lord’s guidance for journaling, I slow down, chewing on each word and asking for the Spirit to guide my understanding. I may only get through a sentence, a verse, or sometimes even a phrase. And that is okay. If you’d like some help in that slow digestion of God’s Word, you might try the Seeing the Scriptures class to experience a study method that I use.

Bible journaling tests my understanding. If I’m about to put brush to paper, the last thing I would want is to introduce error through my art journaling! I find myself asking deep questions about God’s character, what is said elsewhere in Scripture, what He is speaking to me, and what my understanding is that day. This is all a very important reason to include essay-style journaling with entries whenever possible, so when looking back, knowing what you were thinking that day will explain the perspective from which the art was created.

Bible journaling encourages me in my non-journaling time. Once I’ve spent the time with a verse in journaling, that verse is seared into my heart. The imagery comes back to me regularly: I saw someone post a picture of the well in their back yard, and Isaiah came rushing into my mind because I had created a well in my Bible. And when I’m suffering with insomnia, I see a little moonlight streak in my window, and recall journaling Speak Lord.

Bible journaling builds my faith. As I flip through my Bible’s pages, I see art created during trying times, and I can see God’s rescues in hindsight. I see prayers that He answered. Each lesson journaled adds to the last – and my overall faith grows

Bible journaling unites believers. For those who are part of the Facebook Group, you’ll know that we have quite the diverse group of believers from all over the earth! Some journal in English but some in other tongues as well – but when we know the verse selected, it matters not one whit if we can read the text…the art speaks to our hearts! I’ve been so blessed by the response to the group, and I hope everyone will continue to share their creative worship with us all, and encourage those who do share with their comments.

Whether you’re  an experienced Bible Journaler, or still a “Looky Lou” who’s not yet had the courage to baptize the pages of your Bible with color – please do continue on the journey with God at whatever point He’s led you to at this moment. Hang onto His coattails