Our church is losing our beloved senior pastor after 29 years, Steve Schell….and this weekend he introduced us to our new pastor, Ben Dixon, due to start in August. We were able to hear his heart for the Lord and the story of how he was called to this new post.

I’ll be honest, I come to this skeptically. I have studied under my pastor for so many years now, I can’t help but be sad not to have his teaching. But something that Pastor Ben said settled in my heart in a deep way: “God doesn’t need our help. He needs our YES.”

“Our God is in heaven; He does whatever pleases Him.” 
Psalms 115:3

God is sovereign, and whether or not I’m on board, He has a plan. Though He invites my cooperation, He doesn’t *need* it for His good and pleasing will to come about. I’m certainly better off if I *am* on board—-but God’s not sitting around wondering if He’ll ever get ‘er done because I’m being slow. 

This has been on my mind all week, and I’m now saying YES to whatever God has for our church in this upcoming season, whether it’s hard or easy (or both, frankly!). I bought my weekly flowers at Costco today, and as I had been pondering an image to journal this idea, I decided to offer the Lord my yes in a bouquet. A fragrant YES. ❤️