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Bible Journaling is a gift from God: an invitation into a deeper relationship with Jesus. If you’re ready to get to know the Lord in new and creative ways, buckle up for an adventure!

In Bible Journaling Made Simple, interacting creatively with Scripture can be simply adding colored pencils to highlight what God has spoken! It’s not necessary to “know how to draw” or to own a lot of art supplies to begin.

Author Sandy Allnock filled the book with both spiritual inspiration and creative tutorials using basic, inexpensive art mediums like watercolor and pencil. Bible Journaling success isn’t measured in the “fanciness” of the art; it’s about relationship with Jesus. Sandy’s life has been transformed in her Bible journaling adventure:

“The spiritual benefits I’ve gained from Bible Journaling have been undeniable: I became more engaged with God’s Word than I had ever been before! After a lifetime trying to develop good study habits, I now crave time in the Word — and my life hasn’t been the same since.”

Throughout the book Sandy will share her own faith stories, with tips she’s learned to hear God and document what He says. In 20+ tutorials, she’ll show simple imagery that can be adapted with different mediums and for different verses — many with sketches to replicate her simple but beautiful designs. A chapter of extra samples will inspire you to continue growing as a Bible journaler.

Bible Journaling Made Simple Creative Workbook is a fitting companion book – however both books function independently as well. The workbook, printed on cream paper similar to what is in most journaling Bibles, is filled with inspiration, prompts for journaling, sketches to start your creative juices, and blank pages for testing out lots of your own ideas.

Whether using these books as a group study or working through it as an individual, Bible Journaling Made Simple is one tool to begin on a journey of creative worship with the Lord!

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