It’s here. It’s finally “that day” – book release day!

I’ve been waiting and praying for what feels like an eternity. Books take much longer than non-writers might expect, especially art books that require so much more than words….a year and a half +, and books should be arriving in-store today!


If you preordered, I am hoping that means your book(s) ship today. If not, be sure to check with the site you preordered from!

  1. Bigger Books :: Book | WorkBook
  2. Christian Book Distributors :: Book | WorkBook
  3. Barnes & Noble :: Book | WorkBook
  4. Books a Million :: Book | WorkBook
  5. Amazon :: Book | WorkBook
  6. Powells :: Book | (WorkBook not yet there)
  7. Indiebound :: Book | Book
  8. ThriftBooks :: Book | WorkBook

Brick-and-mortar bookstores

If you are purchasing in-store, I believe Hobby Lobby is carrying them right away; the stores listed above *may* have them at retail locations, but you may also have to request them, so you’ll need to provide the following:

  • Hobby Lobby stores, nationwide
  • Barnes and Noble stores, nationwide

If you’re a shop that will be carrying the book, please email and let me know!

Send in the Evidence!?

Once you have a book in your hands, would you do me a favor and send me proof? Not receipts – I want to see the books…in your hands, in your bookstore, in your mailbox…..that’ll help this feel “real” after this long wait! Know that I may share them on social media, so if you really don’t want it out there, let me know when sending the photo to okay?


Here’s a peek inside both books if you’re unsure…there’ll be lots more about using them as time goes on, so stay tuned!