Never underestimate the power of God to be at work in the most unlikely of places! Recently Bible journaler Lorrie posted this on Facebook – and I had to share it here so it doesn’t disappear into the bottom of the news feed.

In a flight going home yesterday I noticed this lady sketching so of course I had to strike up a conversation! Just prior to boarding I asked if she’d like to thumb through my “Bible Journaling Made Easy”. She was a little wary of it, but pointed to her friend who looked intrigued. 45 minutes into the flight the original lady climbed into the empty seat in front of me, almost giddy, telling me about all the notes she had taken and the new ideas she had learned. Mostly, she was touched with the concept of reading God’s word and then expressing what spoke to her through drawing. As she handed it back I felt prompted to gift it to her (ordering a new one today!). This is Bonnie… she’s all in! #biblejournalingmadesimple #yeehaw

Lorrie Osmonson, WA

If you have a story of a divine appointment in Bible journaling, share it in the comments….you never know, your testimony might help give someone else the courage to speak up at their next opportunity!