“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

—John 1:1

Engaging with the Word — the beginning of all things — is essential for growing in our relationship with Jesus. Discipling by our Father through the Scriptures transforms our mind, encourages our heart, and changes us to be more like Jesus!

Creative worship through Bible Journaling — creating art directly on the pages of a Bible or journal — is a powerful way to more deeply engage with the Word. While we create, we document through art what the Lord teaches us, spending time in meditation and increasing our ability to recall passages. In the new book Bible Journaling Made Simple, author Sandy Allnock is your companion on an adventure in creative worship using just a few tools — some pencils, some watercolors … and a heart for the Lord. Through over 20 tutorials and 100 examples, this book will encourage your journey and inspire even a novice to begin stepping out into creativity, hand in hand with Jesus!

Start your journey today!

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