2 books by Sandy Allnock

Bible Journaling Made Simple

Bible Journaling is a gift from God: an invitation into a deeper relationship with Jesus. If you’re ready to get to know the Lord in new and creative ways, buckle up for an adventure!

Best Selling Author

Sandy Allnock

Sandy’s life has been transformed in her Bible journaling adventure: “The spiritual benefits I’ve gained from Bible Journaling have been undeniable: I became more engaged with God’s Word than I had ever been before! After a lifetime trying to develop good study habits, I now crave time in the Word — and my life hasn’t been the same since.”

Throughout both books, Sandy shares her own faith stories, with tips she’s learned to hear God and document what He says. She’s even created an online class called “Seeing the Scriptures” to help others learn to turn the Lord’s wisdom into pictures!

This is the best book on journaling in our Bibles that have been published. Why? Mostly because Sandy’s techniques are simple and most don’t require prepping pages. Plus, this book is really seeking a relationship with God. Sandy gives ideas on starting a Bible journaling group, but also for personal study. I like the “What’s your story” she includes throughout the book which makes you stop and think. Am I willing to be patient with myself as I learn what God wants to accomplish in my life – for example. Sandy, thank you for writing a book that takes the focus away from the art and onto our God.

Patricia M. Culea

A look inside


In Bible Journaling Made Simple, interacting creatively with Scripture can be simply adding colored pencils to highlight what God has spoken! It’s not necessary to “know how to draw” or to own a lot of art supplies to begin.

Author Sandy Allnock filled the book with both spiritual inspiration and creative tutorials using basic, inexpensive art mediums like watercolor and pencil. Journaling success isn’t measured in the “fanciness” of the art; it’s about relationship with Jesus.

In 20+ tutorials, she’ll show simple imagery that can be adapted with different mediums and for different verses — many with sketches available here on this website to replicate her simple but beautiful designs.


A true home run

This book not only gives you a step by step introduction into Bible Journaling, it encourages and inspires your interaction with God. She has given beautiful examples and online additional helps. I was even smiling when she prompted me to start a small group to journal together. The many illustrations will even motivate a seasoned journaler to expand their own art.

If you are fearful of starting to Bible Journal, this work will hold your hand and help you hit the ball out of the park!
Thank you Sandy for sharing your heart and self in this book❤️


Wow, a fantastic book

This is a beautiful book. It is well written and easy to read. The author emphasizes the importance of scripture throughout the book and provides a lot of examples of art to get you thinking about how to apply it to the particular scripture. This book has given me many artful ideas to use. Sometimes I feel stuck in trying to think of how to journal a particular idea and Sandy has provided many easy ideas to use. I can see myself returning to this book for inspiration time and time again.

Chris S.

Excellent resource for all levels of Bible illustrators

We bought this and an illustrated Bible for our granddaughter who is a beginner. It is full of information, ideas and inspiration. It will serve her as an excellent resource from a beginner to a seasoned Bible journalist and illustrator. Just the information on all the writing/drawing tools and how you can use them to decorate your Bible is amazing. It’s full of inspirational ideas and examples.

Paper Quilter

The Bible Journaling Made Simple Creative Workbook is a fitting companion to the instructional book – however both books function independently as well.

The workbook, printed on cream paper similar to what is in most journaling Bibles, is filled with inspiration, prompts for journaling, sketches to start your creative juices, and blank pages for testing out lots of your own ideas. There are lines for journaling so you can add your own thoughts along the way.

This isn’t “just” a sketchbook or coloring book; it’ll help you seek the Lord while you’re testing out some newly discovered art skills!


I love how this workbook is filled with pages to actually get you to Bible journal instead of just thinking about it.


Bought both the book and the practice workbook. Both are amazing! Great format & many creative (yet not too complex) inspirations! Really like that the workbook offers pages to practice on that are like real pages in Bible! This gives you a way to try out different media to see if there is bleed-through, etc, BEFORE using in your actual Bible! Highly recommend both!


Bible Journal in a Group

Gather with friends in Christ and grow together

Using these books as a group study, Bible Journaling Made Simple is one tool to begin on a journey of creative worship with the Lord!

  1. Invite a few friends over one morning a week. Choose a passage from a lesson in either the instructional or workbook to spend time with the coming week.
  2. When re-gathering, each person should share what the Lord spoke to them about as they meditated on the verse.
  3. Talk about visual ways to express what you gained from the Lord during your study, and help each other create!

OR….each person might create their page at home during devotional time, and group time is to gather and share art and insights!


These books are dedicated to my Lord for the unending grace He has shown me.

…to all those who provided support, talked things over, read, wrote, offered comments, and assisted in the editing, proofreading, and design.

…the angel sent by the Lord to jumpstart my adventure in creative worship.

…to my pastor, Dr. Steve Schell, to whom I’m indebted for years of life-changing Bible teaching, and his encouragement to remain steeped in the Word.

….to my sisters in Christ who prayed the book into existence. 

…to my family, who rooted me in faith from childhood, planting the seeds that took a lifetime to sprout. Mom who encouraged me to carry on her artistic gifts; Dad who shared my honest faith questions; Linda for her invaluable editing assistance; Debbie, my limitless cheerleader from across the pond.

…last but not least, to Vienna and Giallo, who kept me sane by sitting patiently next to me for months, reminding me that life is nothing without walkies.